KAMEDA’s Social Activities

KAMEDA‘s distinctive dietary education
based on the local communities

KAMEDA SEIKA conducts the dietary education for local elementary school students through rice and rice crackers. By using our professional skills and experience, we have been dispatching instructors to provide the opportunities to learn basic knowledge of rice and rice cracker manufacturing, as well as plant tours.

Learning to respect food by lectures on demand & plant tours

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Supporting Albirex Niigata
Football club since 1996

As the club uniform sponsor for Albirex Niigata football club since 2011, KAMEDA SEIKA has been promoting the CSR project jointly with the club whereby Niigata elementary school kids are invited to all games. KAMEDA SEIKA wants children to share the feelings of impact, excitement, sensation of a professional football game live at the stadium. That is the original spirit of the project. KAMEDA SEIKA supports the club in educating school kids to become such person who could bring people dreams and hopes.
* In 1996 KAMEDA SEIKA became the sponsor for Albireo Niigata FC (name changed to Albirex Niigata in 1997)

Albirex Niigata

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Joint effort between industry and academia
in the growing healthcare field

KAMEDA SEIKA donated fund to establish the laboratory to study pathological nutrition, which carries out research and education on lifestylerelated diseases and alimentary therapy against chronic kidney disease in Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences in 2014. KAMEDA SEIKA concluded comprehensive partnership agreement with Niigata University and promote cooperative study. The team endeavors to create high added value in rice-related materials including vegetable lactobacillus and contribute not only to the food industry, but also to the fields of healthcare, medicine and cosmetics.

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Safety and security in production
under strict sanitary management

KAMEDA SEIKA owns four plants in Niigata prefecture, and all of them acquired “FSSC 22000”, a standard for food safety management system. KAMEDA SEIKA has been improving its management system on a regular basis to meet customers’ expectations by producing foods which are safe, secure and high-quality.

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Eco-friendly endeavors to
reduce CO2 emission

KAMEDA SEIKA uses low-CO2 emission town gas at the company's rice cracker manufacturing facilities/ We also work hard to reduce energy consumption by adjusting temperature settings and cutting standby power. In addition, we have been working on "modal shift", an attempt to replace road transportation with rail, which reduces CO2 emission. We were awardede "Eco Rail Mark" certification in 2014.

Transition in CO2 emission

  • Transition in CO2 emission
  • Transition in CO2 emission

Challenge to make ahuge piece of Kaki no Tane

KAMEDA SEIKA succeeded making a huge piece of Kaki no Tane, whose size is 55.4 cm in length and volume is 3,000 times as large as that of regular one, for its 50th anniversary in 2016 to express gratitude to customers and offer them some entertaining news. KAMEDA SEIKA will keep planning and working on amusing projects like this, so that customers could feel “Kameda no Kaki no Tane” even more closer to them.

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KAMEDA SEIKA operates concept shops
to convey new enterainment and excellent flavor

KAMEDA SEIKA has operated two concept shops to convey fascinations of its snacks since 2012 and 2016 respectively: “HAPPY Turn’s”, where customers could find new attractions of Happy Turn, and “TANEBITS”, which shows new potential of Kaki no Tane. The shops have offered KAMEDA SEIKA wonderful opportunities to communicate with customers directly and reflect their opinions on future product development.

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KAMEDA SEIKA endeavors to accept diverse work styles
and expand opportunities for women

In 2015, KAMEDA SEIKA introduced “Happy Return System”, which offers an opportunity for ex-employees to return to employment, to support its employees’ diverse work styles as to the stage of their life. KAMEDA SEIKA was registered as one of the companies which are eager to expand opportunities for women by Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare in 2016. KAMEDA SEIKA will keep promoting supports for diverse human resources.

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KAMEDA Spirits:
Get hot about snacks.

KAMEDA Spirits was set up in 2011 as a spiritual guidance of all of KAMEDA SEIKA‘s employees. Every employee considers sincerely and discusses each other honestly for customers to send healthy and happy life. Our entire company‘s sincere attitude to discuss various issues of rice cracker making makes KAMEDA SEIKA move forward.

KAMEDA Spirits posters are everywhere

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