Goals of the KAMEDA SEIKA Group

Medium-term Business Plan

Expanding a business field and becoming a “Global Food Company” in the world: This is a major goal of the KAMEDA SEIKA Group. As we strive to achieve this objective, the values we will offer to our customers will be “Choose, eat, enjoy the tasty & healthy foods! We will contribute to such a healthy life-style!!” Our target for FY2030 is that by providing this kind of customer value, we will evolve from the rice cracker manufacturing business to a “Better For You” food business.

In our new medium-term business plan we call “Changing gears 2023” that will run until FY2023, we outline the process we undertake to achieve the target. Our strategy is a three-pronged approach. The first is “business area expansion” centering on overseas business and domestic food business. The second is “transformation of cost and earnings structures” that focuses on brand aggregation of our domestic rice cracker business, strengthening our portfolio and manufacturing cost improvement. The third is “strengthening our management platform” to support all these efforts. This strategy will enable us to rapidly achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value.

Vision of the KAMEDA SEIKA Group: "Global Food Company"

Revolutionary Change of Customer Value

From a "Rice Snacks and Crackers Manufacturer" to a "'Better For You' Food Company"

Changing gears 2023 (FY2018-2023)


Business Concept: "Changing gears 2023" to "Upshift 2030"


Consolidated net sales Operating income Operating profit margin
FY2020 Plan JPY 113bn JPY 9bn 8.0%
FY2023 Plan JPY 130bn JPY 13bn 10.0%