Message from Top Management

We express our deep gratitude for your appreciation of Kameda’s rice crackers.

“Men can let off steam with moonshine, but women and children have nothing to enjoy.” Not long after the end of World War II when food shortages were widespread in Japan, founder Eiji Koizumi started manufacturing rice crackers hoping to bring happiness and delight into people’s lives. Since then, the company has continued to manufacture from rice, a staple food in the Japanese diet, a wide range of tasty rice crackers that everyone loves. Even after becoming Japan’s leading rice cracker manufacturer in 1975, Kameda Seika has continued to maintain the founder’s spirit at the core of the company and endeavors to accomplish the same mission to provide excellent flavor, delight and repose to customers.

Made from the prime ingredient in Japanese cuisine, rice crackers are a traditional snack in Japan. While it has been always positioned as Kameda Seika’s core business, rice crackers are currently growing rapidly in the overseas market. Rice is attracting attention globally among health-conscious consumers as a low-calorie and low-allergy ingredient. In light of the health trend, rice crackers are also being enjoyed by people in countries all over the world, particularly in the United States, and the business is expected to enjoy further growth.

In the course of our medium-term business plan from fiscal 2012 to 2014, we significantly increased net sales in the domestic rice cracker business led by "KAMEDA Kaki-no-Tane" and "Happy Turn" products. In our overseas business, the acquisition of the health food company MGC in North America, and in new business, the acquisition of Onisi Foods, a leading producer of long-life cooked rice products, contributed significantly to the company’s growth strategy. Under the new medium-term business plan, which commenced this fiscal year, we intend to mark the 60th anniversary of our company’s founding in 2017 by developing highly value-added products based on a brand strategy that will respond to the diverse needs of our customers. Meanwhile, in our overseas business, we will strengthen the earnings structure and capabilities of existing subsidiaries and look for opportunities to engage in M&As and establish new joint ventures. As new endeavors, we will seek to strengthen our plant origin lactobacillus and medical business segments. Rice crackers will be added to development subjects at the Rice Research Center, and we will make use of new functions including material development and sensory evaluation to develop more new products.

With the same founding spirit in our hearts today, we at Kameda Seika will continue to create products that are safe and loved by consumers everywhere. We will also continue to deepen communication with all of our stakeholders in an effort to remain a brand that can always be trusted.

We look forward to your continued support in all of these endeavors.

Michiyasu Tanaka Chairman of the Board & CEO
Isamu Sato President & COO






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