New Business

Rice business that supports healthy life

KAMEDA SEIKA applies the know-how and technology about rice accumulated from its 50 years of research and development of rice cracker into creating healthy and functional foods, such as “Yume-Gohan,” for people with chronic kidney disease, “Fukkura Okayu,” universally designed easy to eat foods for the elderly, and KAMEDA’s “Plant-based yogurt,” good for the stomach. They are always evolving for the health and social concerns of the modern era.

Yume Gohan
“Yume Gohan,” for people with chronic kidney disease.
Fukkura Okayu / Fukkura Ohagi
“Fukkura Okayu,” smooth and easy to eat.
The easy-to-swallow “Fukkura Ohagi” also went on sale in 2006.
Plant-based yogurt
“Plant-based yogurt,” made from lactobacillus derived from rice.

Long-term Storage Food Business

KAMEDA SEIKA acquired Onisi Foods Co., Ltd. in 2013, is a manufacturer and seller of long-term storage food. Onisi Foods is a pioneer in long-term storage food that uses rice as a raw material. With the increased awareness of disaster response and the handling of other emergency situations, the company has developed cooked rice and processed rice products that can be stored for 5 years without losing its just-cooked delicious flavor. This has garnered Onisi Foods significant attention both domestically and overseas. Its technological capabilities that enable long-term storage of food products, including processed quick-cooking rice, has received high praise, and has been certified as a “Japanese space food” by JAXA (the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) for use in the International Space Station.


Rice Sales Business
Rice from Niigata, carefully-selected by rice experts


KAMEDA SEIKA started a rice sales business in 1996 so that more and more people could enjoy the true deliciousness of rice. Already an expert in making delicious rice crackers through years of research, KAMEDA SEIKA is now working with local agricultural cooperatives and rice producers to market “Niigata Koshihikari” and “Niigata Koshiibuki” all over Japan.