Plant origin lactobacillus deriving from rice

Plant origin lactobacillus deriving from rice!

KAMEDA SEIKA has been researching for a long time and found that rice-derived plant lactobacillus K-1 could remove carcinogens and improve laxation and intestine regulation, while Japanese sake lees-derived plant lactobacillus K-2 is effective against allergies. KAMEDA SEIKA conducted the tests verifying the results on animals and humans for mild and medium cases of atopic dermatitis. It was then discovered that K-2 was also effective against cedar pollen allergies. There are wide potential applications for the plant lactobacillus KAMEDA SEIKA has created from rice, from lactobacillus adjuvants to nutritional foods, snacks and drinks.

Electronic microphotograph of “K1” & “K-2”

  • K-1
  • K-2