Message from Top Management

Lekh Raj Juneja Chairman of the Board & CEO
Masanori Takagi President & COO

Aiming for Sustainable Growth and Enhanced Corporate Value

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued patronage of KAMEDA’s arare and osenbei rice crackers.

During the food shortages in postwar Japan, our founder, Eiji Koizumi, felt that “Men can find pleasure in diversions, but there is no enjoyment for women and children.” He began making rice crackers because he wanted to bring a little enjoyment into people’s lives.

Since those days, our company has continued to manufacture rice crackers that our customers love, made from rice which is the basic staple of the Japanese diet. Even after we reached the No. 1 spot in sales in the Japanese domestic rice cracker market in 1975, we have continued to keep the spirit of our founder alive in our hearts. It is our mission to provide gusto and joy to our customers – the true role of rice crackers. Rice crackers are our company’s main business. Not only are they a traditional snack made from rice which forms the heart of Japanese food culture, the market for them is rapidly expanding beyond Japan as well. The use of rice as a hypoallergenic ingredient is attracting attention from all over the world. The same is true for rice crackers. And given today’s trends of health consciousness, they are rapidly expanding worldwide, particularly in the United States. We are confident that further growth can be expected in the future.

Considering the changes taking place in the environment surrounding the food industry, we strive to launch a valuable product from the perspective of “Better For You”, a concept that means choosing delicious foods that are good for the body, enjoyable to eat, and contribute to an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle. We are working to achieve sustainable growth and to enhance corporate value so that we have been able to evolve from the rice cracker manufacturing business to a “Better For You” food business by FY2030.

With the spirit of our founder in our hearts, the KAMEDA SEIKA Group will continue to create safe and dependable products loved by our customers. We will continue to deepen communication with our customers and business partners, and aim to be a trusted brand.

We look forward to your ongoing support in the future.

KAMEDA SEIKA Group Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Making the most of nature’s blessings, we will create health, excellent flavor and excitement, and we will contribute to the greater enrichment of society by delivering enjoyment and pleasure to people’s lives

Our Vision

We aim to become a brand loved by people all over the world by promoting innovation in traditional techniques we have developed in rice cracker production to date and harmonizing our products with regional food cultures

Founding Philosophy

During the food shortages in Japan immediately after World War Ⅱ,
our founder felt that, “Men can find pleasure in diversions,
but there is no enjoyment for women and children.
I want to give them something that can bring enjoyment
and delight to their lives.”
With no prior experience, he began making clear, sticky mizuame,
a thick malt syrup made from rice starch.
This became our founding philosophy, and KAMEDA SEIKA was born.

Mission Statement


Management Philosophy

1.Respond to the needs of all those involved with the Company
1.Ensure the Company’s to flourish forever

Basic Management Policy

1.Conduct management democratically
1.Refrain from using the Company for personal gain
1.Be dedicated to planned management