Rice Cracker Business – International

Aiming to Become a “Global Food Company”

Rice crackers typify Japan and have continued to be loved by many people. We want to expand our rice cracker business out into the rest of the world. KAMEDA SEIKA is aiming to become a “Global Food Company” that can offer health and happiness to people around the world through rice crackers.

KAMEDA SEIKA first ventured overseas in 1989. We formed a business alliance with SESMARK FOODS INC. in Illinois, USA (now TH FOODS, INC.) and began the manufacture and sale of rice crackers in North America. We have been helped along by health consciousness as well as the Japanese food boom in that region. High rates of growth in the sales of hypoallergenic and low-fat rice crackers are continuing. In 2008, we established KAMEDA USA, INC. in California. In 2012, we acquired the premium rice cracker producer Mary’s Gone Crackers, Inc. as a subsidiary, thus securing our position in the North American market.

In Asia, we enhanced our sales in the Chinese market by establishing Qingdao Kameda Foods Co., Ltd. as our production base in Qingdao, China in 2003. In 2020 we acquired Singha Kameda (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand as a subsidiary to be a base for cross-border trade and the sale of rice crackers to various parts of the world. Recently we have expanded our presence to Vietnam, India, and Cambodia. We are developing brands to meet customer needs in each country and are aiming to increase cross-border trading.

We will use these overseas networks and continue the challenge to make KAMEDA SEIKA rice crackers available to customers throughout the world.

Kameda Seika's Global Network


Qingdao Kameda Foods Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Kameda Foods Co., Ltd. is our first step into the Chinese market. Established in 2003 as a manufacturing base for rice crackers destined for the Japanese market, it is currently improving its product development and strengthening its sales aimed at the Chinese market where further growth is expected.
The company also aims to develop global cross-border relations to expand the sales network across the globe.



Established in 2013, as a joint venture with THIEN HA CORPORATION, Vietnam’s leading rice cracker enterprise, THIEN HA KAMEDA, JSC. manufactures and sells products that have been localized from those of KAMEDA SEIKA to meet the demand in the rapidly expanding rice cracker market in Vietnam.
In October 2021, KAMEDA SEIKA increased its ownership interest and THIEN HA KAMEDA, JSC. was consolidated as a subsidiary.



Singha Kameda (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Singha Kameda (Thailand) Co., Ltd. fulfills the important role in supplying rice crackers all over the world such as Japan, North America, Europe based on the partnerships of production and R&D with major global companies and has highest capability of quality control in Thailand.



LYLY KAMEDA CO., LTD. was established in 2018 as a joint venture with a local business, LYLY FOOD INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Cambodia is blessed with fertile farmland and water resources, and produces an abundance of rice. This company produces and delivers high quality rice crackers.



Established in 2017 as a joint venture with a local business, LT Foods Limited, KAMEDA LT FOODS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED manufactures and sells rice crackers locally for the rapidly expanding Indian domestic snack market.

*KAMEDA LT FOODS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED is an affiliate that employs the equity method for accounting purposes.

USA, Nevada

Mary’s Gone Crackers, Inc.

Mary’s Gone Crackers, Inc. was consolidated as a subsidiary in 2012. It manufactures and sells products based on their being organic, gluten-free, vegan, and whole grain. The company has achieved significant growth against a background of growing health consciousness.



Established in 2008 as a base for selling “KAMEDA Kaki-no-Tane(local name: Kameda Crisps)”. Since 2013, KAMEDA USA, INC. had been producing “KAMEDA Kaki-no-Tane” locally to make it gluten-free (Product no longer available). In recent years, it has been expanding sales to health-conscious customers through sales of private brand products to major U.S. chain stores.

USA, Illinois


TH FOODS, INC. was KAMEDA SEIKA’s first overseas base. Against a background of rising health consciousness in North America, low-calorie, low-fat, and hypoallergenic rice crackers have been enjoying tremendous growth in sales.

*TH FOODS, INC. is an affiliate that employs the equity method for accounting purposes.