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To use the KAMEDA SEIKA website (“this Site”), please read and accept the terms for use detailed below.
In the event that you do not agree to these terms, please refrain from viewing or using this Site. By using this Site, users are deemed to agree to and accept all terms detailed below.
Moreover, please be aware that the conditions of these terms of use may be subject to change without advance notice to the user.

Copyright and trademark rights

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Unauthorized use beyond this scope (such as reproducing, modifying, leasing, lending, distributing, transmitting/broadcasting, or other use for the purpose of profit) is not permitted.


When creating the Contents included on this Site, the Company strives to ensure the accuracy and confirms the information prior to the posting, but the Company does not in all cases guarantee the accuracy and reliability of these Contents.
With the exception of other services of the Company for which terms of use are provided elsewhere, the Company accepts no responsibility for any damage, etc., caused to software or hardware as a result of using this Site.

Recommended system requirements

Depending on the device used to view KAMEDA SEIKA CO., LTD.’s website, it may not display or perform as intended.
As the technology used to display webpages varies by browser or application, we cannot guarantee that all browsers or applications will display this Site in exactly the same way.

Operation has been verified on the following:

Windows 10: latest version of Edge or Chrome
macOS 10.14.6 Mojave: latest version of Safari or Chrome
iOS 14: latest version of Safari
Android 8: latest version of Chrome


When personal information is entered, such as when filling in inquiry forms, KAMEDA SEIKA CO., LTD.’s website uses TLS (Transport Layer Security) to encrypt communications, in order to improve safety.

For some smartphone browsers, or where Internet Explorer or another browser does not have TLS1.0 or higher enabled under its security settings, encrypted pages cannot be shown, and some contents may not be available for use.
If the above apply to the device or system you wish to use to view this Site, please check your system and settings.

Use of cookies

In order to provide a better service, KAMEDA SEIKA CO., LTD.’s website uses cookies technology.Cookies do not invade user privacy; however, the following cases may apply when you use this Site.

– If you remain on this Site for a long period of time without any action, the function to return you to the home page or other specific page may be enacted.
– If you disable cookies under your settings, you may not be able to use some services on this Site.

Please be aware of the above when using this Site.


Adobe Reader plug-ins
An Adobe Reader plug-in is required to view PDF files on KAMEDA SEIKA CO., LTD.’s website.
Please download and install the Adobe Reader plug-in via the link below.
Download Adobe Reader


KAMEDA SEIKA CO., LTD.’s website uses JavaScript.
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KAMEDA SEIKA CO., LTD.’s website uses style sheets.
If style sheets are not enabled under your web browser’s settings, this Site may not display correctly. Please ensure style sheets are enabled under your web browser’s settings.

Connection speed

To view KAMEDA SEIKA CO., LTD.’s website properly, we recommend a connection speed of at least 56 kbps.

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To view KAMEDA SEIKA CO., LTD.’s website properly, we recommend a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels.