Privacy Policy

KAMEDA SEIKA CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the company) will strive for the protection of personal information of the customers, observing the provisions of the laws and so forth pertaining to the protection of personal information.

Case in which personal information is asked

There would be cases where the company would ask its customers their personal information in such occasions as stipulated below in order to provide its customers with better services;

  • *Purchasing at the internet shopping.
  • *Entering for giving away presents or prize contests.
  • *Replying to a questionnaire.
  • *Responding to “inquiries”, “consultations” or “requests for disclosure of personal information and so forth” from the company.
  • *Registering at distribution services through e-mails.

Personal information to be asked

There would be cases, in such occasions as stipulated above, where the company would ask the customers their e-mail addresses, full names, ages, genders, telephone numbers, fax numbers, postal codes, addresses and so forth as their personal information.
The personal information obtained from the customers will be confined within the necessary range in conformity with the objectives of the services the company provides.

Protection/Administrator of personal information

The company is committed to the appropriate protection and administration with its maximum care over personal information obtained from its customers so that such occurrences as the leakage, the falsification and so forth would never happen.
The company still may entrust external firms considered to be trustworthy by the company (hereinafter referred to as outsourcing firms) and the company’s subsidiaries with its operation to offer services so that the company could provide its customers with better services. The company in this case, too, will take full care by providing outsourcing firms and the company’s subsidiaries with instructions and supervisions and so forth in order to appropriately protect and administrate personal information of its customers.

Disclosure of personal information

The company will never disclose personal information of its customers to other third parties than the outsourcing firms and the company’s subsidiaries unless the company gets the permission from the customers. However, the company might disclose personal information of the customers under the following circumstances.

  1. (1) Circumstances where the company would advise courts, polices, other related organizations, persons interested and so forth on the personal information because it became evident that the customers did something against the interest of the company or other customers.
  2. (2) Circumstances where the company received inquiry on any of the customers from government offices, courts, public prosecutors, polices, bar associations, consumer centers or other institutions with equivalent authorities.
  3. (3) Other circumstances than the above (1) and (2), where the disclosure was required by laws.

Suspension of distribution of information

Such information that seems to be useful to the customers may be distributed to the customers by the company or outsourcing firms or the company’s subsidiaries by means of e-mail or other communication tools in case the customer provided the company with personal information and agreed upon the distribution.
The company would suspend the distribution of information by the customers asking the company to do so if the customers did not want to receive information.

Correction/Delection of personal information

The company would immediately take such necessary measures as correction, deletion and so forth by the customers advising the company to do so in case there were any errors or amendments in personal information of the customers or the customers wanted to delete their personal information so that the services provided by the company could be stopped.

Use of the services by the underage

The underage need to get approval from their guardians in case the underage provide their personal information for the services the company offers.
The underage are kindly requested to get agreement from their guardians after the guardians go through the privacy policy.