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Evolving from a rice cracker and snack confectionery manufacturer into to a “Better For You” food company industry

In our medium-term business plan formulated in FY2018, KAMEDA SEIKA declared that it would fully transition from a rice cracker business to a food business. Based on the technology and knowledge from decades-long rice research at KAMEDA SEIKA, we have developed several products other than rice crackers, such as the low-protein rice “Yume Gohan” for people with chronic kidney disease and the smooth and easy-to-swallow universal design food “Fukukura Okayu.” Furthermore, we have verified various functional effects of rice-derived “plant-based lactic acid bacteria K-1” and sake lees-derived “plant-based lactic acid bacteria K-2”, expanding the possibilities of our healthcare business.

In 2013, we acquired Onisi Foods Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells long-term preservation foods. Amid growing interest in disaster prevention in Japan, we continue expanding this business, backed by proven technology and product lineup. Also, in 2019, KAMEDA SEIKA acquired Maisen Fine Foods Co., Ltd., aiming to develop the “plant-based food” business under the influence of expanding SDG awareness. In 2021, we also welcomed Tainai Co., Ltd. into our group companies, to strenghen and expand our production and sales system for “rice-flour bread,” free from all 28 specified allergens, so that people with food allergies can enjoy it with safety and peace of mind.

Looking ahead to the future, developing these businesses as KAMEDA SEIKA’s core business, we will strive for sustainable growth of the food business based on the concept of “Better For You.”

KAMEDA SEIKA’s Better For You

Rice-derived Plant Lactobacillus

Rice-derived plant-based lactic acid bacteria is an outcome of KAMEDA SEIKA’s long-done rice research.It has a wide range of application and can be used in health foods supplements, processed foods, confectionaries, and beverages. In addition to adding it to rice crackers such as baby snacks “HaiHain” and “Shiroi Fusen,” we are also contributing to the health and well-being of our customers through a wide range of products by focusing on B-to-B transactions with food manufacturers. In the future, aiming for further expansion, we will focus on introductions to domestic and overseas consumers.

Details of this research are also available on the website of “Research Institute for Rice Derived Plant-based Lactic Acid Bacteria”

Research Institute for Rice Derived Plant-based Lactic Acid Bacteriawebsite external link

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Rice Breads

Approximately 4.5% of Japanese people suffer from food allergies, and 70% of these allergies are caused by “chicken eggs, milk, and wheat”. Our group company, Tainai Co., Ltd. produces rice-flour bread in a dedicated factory that does not use any of the 28 specified allergenic ingredients. Under the “Happy Bakery” brand, we continue to deliver delicious rice-flour products, including 100% allergen-free, domestic rice-flour bread, so that everyone can enjoy and smile together.

Tainai Co., external link

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Plant-Based Food

Plant-based food (PBF) is attracting worldwide attention due to the protein crisis, environmental problems, and rising health awareness. Broadly speaking, rice crackers are PBF made from rice. KAMEDA SEIKA launched the brand “JOY GREEN” with Maisen Fine Foods Co., Ltd., a group company focusing on customers’ health and the protection of the global environment. By Leveraging the technology and knowledge of rice crackers, we are committed to developing delicious PBF to bring health and happiness to our customers and to solve global environmental issues.

Maisen Fine Foods Co., Ltd. website external link

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Long-term Preservation Food

Onisi Foods Co., Ltd., a KAMEDA group company, is a pioneer of long-term preservation food that developed “alpha rice” for the first time. Its technical capabilities and deliciousness have been highly appraised in the industry, and it is now being used not only as disaster prevention stockpiles, but also for daily-life purposes such as mountain climbing, outdoor activities, overseas expeditions, and travel. We continue to develop innovative products with the aim of “food diversity” that people regardless of allergies or dietary restrictions (due to regional and cultural differences ) can safely enjoy.

Onisi Foods Co., external link

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Low Protein Rice

“Yume Gohan”, developed in 1994, for people with chronic kidney disease, is widely chosen by our customers. Since the ingested protein burdens the kidneys, the rice is enzymatically treated to break down and remove the protein, reducing the protein content from 1/5 to 1/35 of that of regular rice. The rice is named “Yume Gohan”, connotating “a dream like rice,” for the kidney disease patients which delays the transition to dialysis. (The product is available in 1/5, 1/25, and 1/35 reduction rates).

For details of the research, please refer to the “Rice Research Institute” page.

Rice Research Institute Yume Gohan (low-protein rice)

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Yume Gohan

Rice Porridge

In 1998, a policy for a long-term care insurance system was announced in Japan, and with the increasing elderly population, KAMEDA SEIKA, with its vast rice research resources, wondered what it could do to help. “Fukkura Okayu(Plump Rice Porridge),” which was born with this idea, is characterized by its moderate thickness and softness that can be crushed easily by the tongue. The rice and water do not separate even when it is cold, so it does not stick in the mouth and is easy to eat. It is a universally designed food using 100% Koshihikari rice. The product is finished with a unique double cooking method that retains the graininess of the rice while making it fluffy and soft.

For details of the research, please visit the “Rice Research Institute” page.

Rice Research Institute : Nursing Care Rice Porridge

Rice Research Institute : Rice Porridge for Children’s

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Fukkura Okayu(Fluffy Rice Porridge)
Photo 1: Comparison of water withdrawal “commercial rice porridge” and “nursing care rice porridge” Commercial Rice Porridge