Domestic Rice Cracker BusinessThe leading company in the rice cracker market with around 30% market share

“KAMEDA Group distribution network” across all channels

KAMEDA SEIKA together with it’s group companies, has a strong distribution network across channels. KAMEDA SEIKA and Nisshin Seika have a strong power over supermarkets and convenience stores, and Toyosu has strengths in department stores, while Ajicul has a solid base in discount shops, drug stores, and 100-yen shops. KAMEDA SEIKA has built such flexible distribution network so as to be able to immediately react with any market changes.

distribution network

KAMEDA SEIKA is the leader in Japanese rice cracker market with around 30% share. Approximately 40 years of continuous leader position should be the proof that KAMEDA SEIKA has continued to endeavor to manufacture safe and delicious rice crackers, capturing diversified consumers’ needs. A lot of people have become familiar with “KAMEDA’s rice crackers/snacks.” KAMEDA SEIKA has continued with sincere rice cracker manufacturing, while it has strived to develop distribution channels to match the best route to market. These two elements, “manufacture of rice crackers” and “development of distribution network” have been the driving forces to maintain a leader position.


TOP 8 Brands of 2016

TOP 8 Brands

KAMEDA SEIKA launched its “TOP 8 strategy” in 2006. Since then, all KAMEDA brands have strived to be ranked top 8 brands in sales, which is very severe competition but also fun.


Toyosu manufactures and sells rice crackers as souvenirs and gifts. On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the company’s founding, it launched its new brand “Arare Toyosu,” a return to the company’s roots. In addition, Toyosu operates “Kakitane Kitchen,” Japan’s first speciality Kaki-no-Tane rice cracker shop chain, and “Jukka,” which has made innovations in traditional Japanese rice crackers. Toyosu operates the shops and manufacturers the rice crackers that are sold there. The Arare Toyosu brand was developed with the desire to “enrich people’s lives with rice.” Kakitane Kitchen offers more than 10 different flavors of Kaki-no-Tane rice crackers. The shop also allows customers to purchase by weight, mixing and matching their favorite flavors, which is very popular. Jukka has taken on the challenge of pursuing new possibilities for rice crackers and expanding its customer base by blending the inherent flavor of rice with ingredients that are full of the blessings of mountains and the sea.

Jukka Kakitane Kitchen

Ajicul manufactures and sells rice crackers for a wide variety of marketing channels, significantly contributing to the enhancement of the KAMEDA SEIKA Group’s distribution network, which covers whole the rice cracker market. One of the roles of Ajicul is to develop products that meet a variety of needs, including products for theme parks, novelty items, and souvenirs. “Local Kaki-no-Tane,” well known to many consumers as a souvenir exclusive to the individual region, reproduces the attractiveness of Japanese locales in KAMEDA SEIKA’s flagship product “KAMEDA Kaki-no-Tane.”