Domestic Food BusinessBuilding a "Better For You" Food Business

In our medium-term business plan formulated in FY2018, KAMEDA SEIKA declared that it would undertake a full-scale transition from being a rice cracker business to being a food business. To date, we have developed several products in business areas beyond that of rice crackers. We offer low-protein rice “Yume Gohan” that is used in hospitals and at home for diet therapy for people with chronic kidney disease. We also have a universal design food called “Fukkura Okayu” that is an easy-to-eat rice porridge. In this way, we are responding to the needs of an aging society in today’s Japan as well as increasing health consciousness. We have verified that rice-derived plant lactobacillus K-1 and Japanese sake lees-derived plant lactobacillus K-2 possess a range of positive effects and efficacies. We are expanding the scope of their application and extending the possibilities for our healthcare business. These products, created from the results of many years of research into rice, form the cornerstone of KAMEDA SEIKA’s food business.

In 2013, we acquired Onishi Foods Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells long-term preservation foods. Amid growing interest in disaster prevention in Japan, we are continuing to expand this business, backed by proven technology and product marketability. We will continue to improve our manufacturing and sales systems to boost sales of foods with long shelf lives both in Japan and overseas.

Looking ahead to the future, in addition to the sustainable growth of these businesses, we will add synergies with existing businesses and technologies along with new perspectives. Together with expanding our food business, we will also develop “Better For You” food products based on the idea of using all the nutrients of the ingredients to provide products that are delicious and healthy.

Business in Foods with Long Shelf Lives

Onishi Foods is a pioneer in rice-based foods with long shelf lives. In response to increasing awareness of steps to take during disasters and other crises, much attention, both in Japan and from overseas, has been given to Onishi Foods’ cooked rice and the processed products made from it that can be stored for 5 years without losing their “freshly cooked” flavor. The technical abilities that have enabled the long-term preservation foods, including alpha rice, have been highly acclaimed, and Onishi products have been officially certified as “Japanese Space Food” by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

Foods with Long Shelf Lives

Business in Rice-derived Plant Lactobacillus

Rice-derived plant lactobacillus is the result of many years of research by KAMEDA SEIKA. Its broad range of applications may include lactobacillus supplement foods, nutritional-function foods, crackers, and drinks. Not only can it be added to our “HaiHain” and other products for children, we also expect further business growth by focusing our efforts on business-to-business where we sell ingredients to food manufacturers and other companies.

  • Electron Micrograph of K-1 Bacteria
    Electron Micrograph of K-1 Bacteria
  • Electron Micrograph of K-2 Bacteria
    Electron Micrograph of K-2 Bacteria
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