Rice Experts

Since the late 1950s, KAMEDA SEIKA started the joint research of property of rice and production facility of rice crackers in partnership with Niigata Prefectural Government. Wishing more and more people could enjoy delicious rice crackers, it has established mass and stable production systems transformed from craftsmanship.

KAMEDA SEIKA has been working very hard to develop delicious rice crackers in its state-of-the-art facilities. “Waza no Kodawari” brings the rich flavor of soy sauce and unique solid texture with its unique production technology, the “Rough crush and two-time soak in soy sauce” method. We succeeded in making extremely thin “green soybean” rice crackers, “Tsu no Edamame”, which was thought to be very difficult to make, with combining the technology of making rice crackers with that of making snacks.

Rice Experts

KAMEDA SEIKA’s research has gone beyond just rice crackers, looking at all the possibilities of rice as a healthy product. The first step toward making healthcare products was with “Yume Gohan (Dream Rice),” low-protein rice which people suffering from chronic kidney disease were wishing for. It was created in 1994 when a researcher working on rice lactic acid drinks discovered that rice lost half of its protein as an unexpected effect from lactobacillus. To match the needs of the aging society, KAMEDA SEIKA also launched “Fukkura Okayu,” which is moderately thick but soft enough to break down with a tongue. KAMEDA’s “Plant-based yogurt” made from lactobacillus derived from rice is also popular.

Through the joint research with Niigata University’s Faculty of Agriculture, KAMEDA SEIKA discovered that plant origin Lactobacillus K-2 would be effective against atopic dermatitis and cedar pollen allergies. This healthcare business is the one, only KAMEDA SEIKA, a rice expert, could materialize. It is expected to grow further.

KAMEDA SEIKA’s healthcare business is based on the continuous research of rice since the late 1950s and its expertize utilizing its thorough knowledge of rice.